The FIELD for ULTIMATE ASCENT is a 27 by 54 ft. carpeted area, bounded by ALLIANCE WALLS, FEEDER STATIONS,

LOW GOALS, and GUARDRAILS.  The FIELD floor is covered with carpet (Shaw Floors, Philadelphia Commercial, Neyland II, 20, 30753, “Ground Pepper”).  Three (3) GOALS are located at each end of the FIELD above each ALLIANCE WALL.  A fourth GOAL and three (3) FEEDER STATIONS are located in the corners next to each ALLIANCE WALL. A PYRAMID is adjacent to each ALLIANCE’S AUTO LINE.  At the top of each PYRAMID sits a PYRAMID GOAL.

We will be attending our Robotics Competition in San Bernardino Cal State University. We will be competing in their arena.

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The Noble Nuts are graciously honored to have won the Rookie All-Star Award and had the time of their lives in Saint Louis for the World Championship.