Monday, August 3, 2015

3rd Grade Supply List  

  Welcome back to school! The following supplies are suggested for the first day of school:

  *Backpack or book bag

*2 -1 inch 3 ring-binders with pockets on the inside covers (white/blue/red with a clear front pocket is preferred)

 Please no other binders-no trapper keepers or trifold notebooks/binders.

 *Sharpened yellow #2 pencils (one dozen)

 *Eraser heads and/or pink erasers

*Child size "Fiskars" scissors

 *One yellow highligher

*One large glue stick

*Reams of Xerox paper in white, pastels or bright colors

 *One ruler with inches and centimeters

 *One plastic pencil box 8"x5"x2" (any color)

 **Gift cards to any office supply store; teachers can then go buy ink for printers or any other supplies that might be needed for the classroom.

 For Classroom Use by All Students If you can help out your child's classroom with the following, it would be greatly appreciated.

* Electric Pencil Sharpener


 *Handy Wipes

 *Paper towels

 *Hand sanitizer

 *2 gallon/1 Gallon/quart/sandwich size zip-lock bags

*Colored pencils

*Colored markers

*Black Sharpies (ultra and fine point)

Thank you for your generous donations to our classroom.


 Mrs. Toms

Classroom Supply List for Brenda Toms is currently under construction. Please come back later.