Student Self Writing Critique in Language Arts 

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Assigned was a five paragraph essay with the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. This can be applied to all writing. Look at your paper and check the type of qualities it should have. 

1. Did you have a clear introduction, stating all the topics that you would be discussing in your essay? 
2. Did you write at least one paragraph for each of your topics, giving names of people, places, or things, and how they related to your theme? 
3. Did you use lots of descriptive detail that painted a vision, use creative figurative writing devices (similes, metaphors) , and dialog if appropriate?
4. Did you use examples to explain what you meant?
5. Was a clear demonstration of your understanding of what was to be planned, developed, and written. 

1.Were your concepts or topics introduced in the introduction.
2. Did you organize your story in an appropriate order?
3. Did you have a smooth development and use transitional words to go from one topic to another?
4. Did each of your paragraphs relate back to your introduction?
5. Did your conclusion summarize each of your topics and bring closure to your story?

Style & Language Use: 
1.Did you use a variety of vocabulary appropriate to the theme?
2. Was your spelling correct? Did you use a spell check of some sort?
3. Did you use correct punctuation? (commas, quotation marks, periods, etc.)
4. Did you use capital letters appropriately at the beginning of sentences and with proper names?
5. Did you use correct grammar such as the right verb tense, pronoun, or subject to verb matching?  Which 3 things need the most work? 
1. ______________________________________ 2.__________________________________________  3. ______________________________________  These will be your focus items for the rest of the year. Practice improvement in every writing opportunity.

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