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 Help!  We need Testing Snacks.  My first period is responsible for donating mini pretzels (individual snack bags) and 1 box Capri sun. Please help by donating these items. Thank you!

T:  Informational reading

C:  PPT review - informational reading


  • Spelling Lesson 30 - worksheet - due tomorrow (attached below)
  • Cartoon vocabulary - dearth and phobia (attached below)
  • Thought book - choose your own thought this week (Binder Reminder has quite a few; internet; library)
  • Holt Handbook page 359 - Exercise 9 (1-10)  Write the whole sentence.  Do not just write the correct word.

Thought of the week:

 Choose your own thought.

T: Japan

C:  United Streaming video - intro. to Japan

HW:  none