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heeey mr.c omg i miss DRA :( i miss everyone there too tell lucy & mr.b i said hi Smiley well yeah how have you been , i havent seen you in a long time.... im go visit DRA soon

Hey Joceline!  Thanks for the post!  I miss you too!!!  We are having a great year with all the riff-raff gone!  Smiley  How is your year?  Grades?  I hope to see you soon!

Happy birthday Mr.c ! Smiley Hope you have an amazing day today (: -Mariah


Thanks Mariah!!!!

Hey Mr C I dont know you that much but you are nice and funny

Hi Briana!  Thank you for the message!  I hope you are having a great first year with us!

Mr,C I miss you !!

Hi Cynthia.  Where are you going to school now?

Ramon Academy ... Hows everything though.

Hi.  Where is Ramon Academy?  Things are okay.  Getting busier as the year is coming to an end.  Kids start acting wierd.  You know!  Smiley  How are you?

Its in Palm Springs, and haa yes I know I miss Dra though.):
Ive been good, and you? How is Mr.Martinez, tell him I say hiiiii (((: