Monday, May 25, 2015

For a complete view of school policy and procedures please refer to your Family Handbook.


If you need to remove your child from school any time during the school day, please be sure to check in at the office first.  You will be asked to sign your child out and note the reason for taking him/her out of school.  The office personnel will call your child from class via the intercomTo ensure safety, no student will be able to leave the classroom with anyone, under any circumstances, without permission from the office.  Students will be released to the parent or guardians indicated on the student "C" card(cards are maintained in the office).  If you wish to have someone else pick up your child from school for any reason, please call the school beforehand and/or send a note with your child to alert the teacher/office.

It is very important, for emergency and administrative reasons, that every student maintains an up-to-date record of address and phone numbers at the school office.  Cell phone, pager numbers, and e-mail addresses are also welcomed.  Please notify the office personnel immediately if you have a change of address or phone number during the school year.  It is also important to have 2 current emergency contact numbers on file.  Sick/injured children are often more distressed when office personnel are unable to reach anybody.
Communication is a two-way process between you and your school.  In general, you'll be most successful taking care of any matter if you contact the person who is most directly involved.  Here are some general guidelines to follow: 
*lessons taught in the classroom
*behavior of the students in the classroom
*organization or techniques used in the classroom
*grades or evaluation of your child's performance
*something your child reported which occurred in the classroom/on the playground
*assignments you feel are too hard or too easy
*a desire for more or less homework for your child
*how your child is doing in class

*the curriculum used throughout the school
*rules, regulations, and procedures which apply to the entire school
*inability to communicate with your child's teacher
*school-wide activities
*the degree of discipline or consequences relayed to your child
*school facilities
*physical, mental, social, emotional needs that could affect your child's performance in school
*information regarding the International Baccalaureate/Primary Years Program
*budget/school expenditures

We realize that due to separation or divorce, many students live with only one parent or guardian.  The following policy is an attempt to assist the school and parents in communicating with each other under those circumstances.  Communication will be sent to the child's residence addressed:  "To the Parents of..."  Unless the principal receives and verifies official notification that a court order exists to prohibit such action, the non-custodial parent or guardian may: 
*receive upon request, copies of any and all communication from the school about the student
*receive, upon request, information about the student's health, attendance, or school progress
*attend, upon request, a school-scheduled conference to review the child's program/progress
Please note:  A copy of court orders will be kept in the student's cumulative file.

Communication - Newsletter
The Ben Franklin Elementary Newsletter-POWERLINE is distributed to families the first Wednesday of each month.  It includes a calendar of upcoming events/dates and features activities taking place at school.

Communication - Website
Benjamin Franklin Elementary has a website, which is updated periodically.  To access our website, go to .

Homework Policy
Grades Recommended Minutes per week
K_________Occasional with hands-on emphasis
1__________________________60-80   Minutes
2 __________________________60-80   Minutes
3 _________________________80-100   Minutes
4 _________________________100-150 Minutes
5 ________________________120-180   Minutes

1.  Homework shall be given to students to support their learning and to help them develop good study habits.
2.  Homework shall be appropriate, meaningful and in accordance with individual needs.
3.  Homework shall be used for work, which the student is most able to do independently and shall meet the following guidelines:

*Homework shall reinforce and extend classwork, with emphasis on reading, writing, spelling, and math.
*Homework assignments shall be interesting and motivating.
*Students shall be assigned homework they can complete successfully.
*Before being assigned as homework, students are assigned independent practice with supervision and feedback.
4.  Homework may include some reading practice and special activities which require parent involvement as appropriate at the grade level.
*Unfinished work shall be handled on an individual basis in consultation with parents.
*Teachers will notify parents of homework policies and practices at the beginning of each school year.




Classroom Parties

Scheduled Parties
1.  Teachers have authority and responsiblity for parties.  They may plan parties and then request assistance as needed.
2.  Student involvement in party planning as appropriate is encouraged.
3.  Clean-up after parties is the responsibility of the class and the teacher, not the custodian.

Birthday Recognition
1.  Teachers may determine whether or not they will allow parents to bring treats for students' birthdays.
2.  Teachers should communicate guidelines to parents and keep conservation of instructional time in mind.
3.  Grade level consistency is encouraged, but not required

Child Care
The Family YMCA of the Desert is offering on-site before and after school childcare.  The C.V. Recreation Center is offering off-site care before and afterschool with on campusstudent pick-up. 

Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, and Rollerblades

Students in grades 3-5 are permitted to ride their bicycles to school.  Students who ride bicycles to and from school are expected to ALWAYS wear bicycle helmets, observe safety laws and rules, and display courtesy towards other riders, pedestrians, and the crossing guards(School Board Policy 5142.3; Vehicle Code 21212).  Bicycles are to be walked when using the crosswalk.  Bicycles are to be locked in the secured bike compound(located to the left of the main office entrance) during school hours.  Bicycles are to be walked on school property.  Students are to take their bike helmets to their classroom for safekeeping during the school day.

Scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and shoes with wheels/cleats are NOT allowed on school property.  Signs are posted around the school as remijnders.  If students bring these items to school, they will be confiscated and sent to the office.  Parents will need to pick them up at their convenience.

We are working with the Maintenance Department, Desert Sands School District Security, and the La Quinta Police to keep our facility "skateboarder free."  Families neighboring Ben Franklin property are asked to call the La Quinta Police if they see skateboarders on school property.