Monday, August 31, 2015

Classroom Rules

The following rules are implemented in every classroom at each grade. These are the expectations for classroom behavior. In the file labeled Discipline Policy, we've posted our 5 classroom rules in the document entitled signs_classroom.

1. Follow Directions Quickly

2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

4. Make smart choices

5. Keep your dear teacher happy!

Bell Schedule

7:10 AM  Front Gates Open

7:10-7:50  Breakfast

7:30    Instruction Begins for 4th and 5th Grade

7:50  Instruction Begins for 1st Grade through 3rd Grade

10:40-11:20 1st and 2nd Grade Lunch

11:20-12:00 3rd and 4th Grade Lunch

11:35-12:05   5th Grade Lunch

2:00   Dismissal

NOTE: During Parent-Teacher Conferences, dismissal is at 1:00 PM.


7:10   Front Gates Open

7:10-7:50 Breakfast is served

7:30 Instruction Begins 4th and 5th grade

7:50 Instruction Begins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade

10:40-11:20 1st and 2nd grade LUNCH

11:20-12:00 3rd and 4th Grade LUNCH

11:30-12:10  5th Grade LUNCH

12:30 Grades 1 through 5 DISMISSAL

NOTE: All kindergarteners will attend the morning session on Tuesdays.

AM Kindergarten

8:00 Instruction Begins

9:35-9:50    RECESS

10:30-11:10  LUNCH

12:05 Dismissal

PM Kindergarten

9:55 Instruction Begins

10:30-11:10   LUNCH

12:10-12:25 RECESS

2:00 Dismissal

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Uniform Policy

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary is a uniform school. The following uniform policy was written and approved by a committee of parents and teachers.

Tops: White or Navy Blue collared shirts

Bottoms: Khaki or Navy Blue bottoms

Hair: No lines, no color, no mohawks