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This is the worksheet that describes the Technology Skill development learning the use of the Smart Slate and a Power Point Presentation that shows samples of the skills I acquired while learning to use the Smart Slate.
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doc File Animals with sound Technology_Skills_Development.doc
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25.50 Kb 11/11/06
pps File Animals_with_sound.pps
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1.09 MB 11/10/06
pps File Technology_Skills_Development_2_Using_the_Smart_Slate.pps
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288.00 Kb 11/18/06
doc File Technology_Skills_Sheet_Smart_Slate.doc
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29.00 Kb 11/18/06
This photo is an example of an enhanced photo. This would be fun to use as a Christmas present, or Mother's Day present. We could print it and then make a frame to put it in. It would be fun to teach the students how to do this even though it would have to be an after school project.