The Test Your Best DVD Plan to use for test prep.
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This is the plan for the DVD to be made for the test prep. There is a beginning and ending script. There are then 6 individual scripts that contain the scripts, charts and other props for the video production. I have also included the storyboard for the video.
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xls File Story_Plan_for_Individual_Instructional_Design_Project.xls
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pps File Test_Your_Best_Team_DVD_Opening.pps
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pps File Test_Your_Best_Team_DVD_Scene_1.pps
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pps File Test_Your_Best_Team_DVD_Scene_2.pps
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1.04 MB 03/11/07
pps File Test_Your_Best_Team_DVD_Scene_4.pps
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pps File Test_Your_Best_Team_DVD_Scene_5.pps
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pps File Test_Your_Best_Team_DVD_Scene_6.pps
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