Monday, January 23, 2017

The primary purpose of the curriculum guides is to support the instructional programs for English language development in Desert Sands Unified School District.  The English Language Development standards are a pathway for English learners to access the English Language Arts standards and are designed to provide EL's with focused instruction and accelerate learning at their proficiency level.

Explicit ELD instruction is delivered daily to all English Learners.  Avenues is the approved program by the DSUSD Board of Education. Focus charts, lesson designs, and writing connections by grade level are provided.

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pdf File Curriculum_Map_Avenues_Unit_1_grade_2.pdf
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49.03 Kb 10/24/07
pdf File Curriculum_Map_Avenues_Unit_2_grade_2.pdf
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46.53 Kb 10/24/07
pdf File Curriculum_Map_Avenues_Unit_3_grade_2.pdf
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47.66 Kb 10/25/07
pdf File Curriculum_Map_Avenues_Unit_4_grade_2.pdf
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46.11 Kb 10/25/07
pdf File Curriculum_Map_Avenues_Unit_5_grade_2.pdf
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45.91 Kb 10/25/07
pdf File Curriculum_Map_Avenues_Unit_6_grade_2.pdf
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46.53 Kb 10/25/07