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Digital Photography and Digital Video

Technology has a vital place in the future of our students.  It is important for teachers to become knowledgeable in many different types of technology.  This page is my area of learning new technology to add to the instruction of my students.


These projects are instructional video projects to assist students with learning specific skills.
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wmv File PhotoStory3.wmv
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1.46 MB 03/11/08
wmv File PhotoStory4.wmv
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1.84 MB 03/11/08
wmv File Nouns_All_Around_2.wmv
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3.28 MB 03/10/08
wmv File Pronoun_3.wmv
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4.99 MB 03/10/08
wmv File Possessive_Nouns_New_0001.wmv
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5.74 MB 03/10/08
wmv File Nouns.WMV
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6.03 MB 03/10/08
wmv File Pronouns_slide_show.wmv
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7.78 MB 03/10/08