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PowerPoints, lessons, and activities to share with teachers and students everywhere. Have fun with them and please pass on to others. Frontloading activities are available. Seven day plans are also available.

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doc File Practice_Test_for_2006_Syllables.doc
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35.50 Kb 12/17/06
doc File Practice_Test_for_2006_Syllables_back.doc
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33.00 Kb 12/17/06
doc File Practice_Test_for_2006_Syllables_back_two.doc
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32.00 Kb 12/17/06
doc File Practice_Test_for_2006_Syllables_two.doc
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36.00 Kb 12/17/06
doc File Syllables a list of words to use on the board
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139.50 Kb 1/22/2006
xls File Syllables cut and paste.xls
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15.50 Kb 12/17/06
pps File Syllables Practice Created by Adela Tili
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464.00 Kb 1/25/2006
doc File Syllables web sites
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25.00 Kb 1/22/2006
pps File Syllables_Practicewith_double_consonants.pps
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946.50 Kb 12/17/06