Frequently Asked Questions



1. When will school begin?

The first day of class is Monday August 27th 2012.  This is the week before Labor Day.

2. How do I enroll my student into SHHS?

Enrollment at Shadow Hills High School can be done onsite Monday through Thursday from 7:30 to 11:30 am and 2-5pm. You will need a copy of the student's birth certificate, immunization records, school records and also proof of residency.  See the Registration link on this site.

3. How do I enroll my student that is currently enrolled in the district and lives in the school boundary?

Students that are attending feeder schools or now reside in SHHS boundaries will have their school files automatically sent to SHHS.

4. What if my students want to continue at another district high school and lives in SHHS boundary?

Your student must request a transfer through Child Welfare and Attendance.

5. When and where will registration be held?

Registration will be held August 13th (Senior), August 14th (Junior) August 15th (Sophomore) and August 16th (Frosh) beginning in the gymnasium.  Post cards with grade level information will be mailed on August 1st.

6. What can I expect at registration?

At registration students will submit required school and district documents, receive their course requests, ASB Card/Student ID, and purchase PE clothes. Note: Students with outstanding textbooks at SHHS or any other district school will not be permitted to register until the books are returned or paid in full.

7. How do apply for transfer into SHHS?

All transfers requests into Shadow Hills High School must be made through the Child Welfare and Attendance office located at the district office.

8. Will Honors courses be offered?

Honors courses will be offered in all core subjects and Foreign Languages.

9. Will AP courses be offered?

Advanced Placement courses will be offered in a variety of subjects. 

10. Who is the Athletic director?

The Athletic Director is Ron Shipley. He can be contacted via email at ron.shipley@dsusd.us

11. What sports programs will be available?

Twenty-one CIF sanctioned sports will be offered provided there is sufficient student interest. SHHS has now joined the De Anza League and now offers two levels: Varsity and Frosh/Soph.

13. Will summer sports be available?

Yes.  Please contact Coach Shipley for information.  All students must clear eligibility before participating.

14. Who is the ASB Advisor?

The ASB advisor is Kristin Sherman. She can be contacted via email at kristin.sherman@dsusd.us

15. What are the school's start and end times?

We have a Monday collaboration schedule so school starts on Monday at 8:20 - and ends at 2:37.On all other days school starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:37.

16. Will a "Zero" period be offered?

No.  We offer a 7 period day in lieu of the zero period option.

17. What kind of class schedule will be available?

 SHHS will offer a 7 period modified block.  See the bell schedule posted on this website.

18. When will campus tours be available?

New student and freshman orientation is scheduled for August 22nd from 4-6 p.m. beginning in the gymnasium. 

19. Will bus service be available?

Limited service will be available for students living in Indio Hills and eligible special education students.

20. Will there be a school Dress Code?

Yes - there is a dress code - it can be found posted under the school policies webpage and also printed in the front of the student agenda that will be given to each student on the first day of school.

21. Will students be required to wear student IDs?

Yes – As part of our safety protocol, all students will be required to wear their approved ID to gain access to campus and during school hours.  Students that do not bring IDs will have three options: 1) Call home to have parents bring ID, 2) Purchase a new ID from ASB, or 3) Be assigned all day On Campus Suspension.  All students will receive one free ID at time of registration.