Websites for Kids (29)

Aesthetic Education
With this website, you are able to learn more about the Aesthetic Education program.
Amelia Earhart's Home Page
This will take you to the school's webpage.
AR Book Find
Please use this to find the level of your AR book before you read it. Please be sure you are reading within your level.
Follett - ebook checkout
Please use your firstname.lastname and Google id as your password.

URL ~ type in wbb25645. Do NOT type in anything else for the URL.
Mr. Math Blog
This site allows you a few minute math lesson on Common Core Math Lessons. This may help if you are not understanding how to do an objective. The lessons are in direct correlation with our math curriculum.

This is a site that will allow books to be read to you. Some even have videos with connections to the book. Just click on Tumblebooks , on the left side, to have free access to such a wonderful site.