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Home Activities for Week 1 Growing and Changing (1)

Gg Poster

Gather Gg's from newpaper or magazine headlines with your child.  At the end of the week, help him/her make a Gg poster.  You can decorate the poster by adding pictures or photos of things whose names start with Gg

Change and Growth

Your child will listen to a book titled Growing Like Me this week.  Ask him/her to tell about how frogs, ducks, and oak trees grow and change.  Share other books about animals and things that grow and change with your child.

Think and Talk

What did you read about today?

What did you learn about growing up today?

How have you grown since you were a baby?

Super Duper Publications (1)
This site has some great parent articles related to various areas of child development that you can print for free as well as educational materials that you can order.

Coachella Valley Autism Society of America
Coachella Valley Autism Society of America (CVASA) is a chapter of the Austim Society of America to help you become educated about Autism and autism spectrum disorders. It also provides an avenue to network with other parents and professionals.
Picture Exchange Communication System
This website is dedicated to helping parents and professionals enhance the lives of child with autsim and other developmental disabilities. It features information about PECS training, the pyramid approach, products, links etc.