Would you like to learn more about Microsoft Word or Powerpoint? What about MLA format and plagiarism? Tutorials for these topics and much more are just a click away!


Formatting An Essay In Word
How to use Microsoft Word to format an essay in MLA format
Formatting Your Paper
How to select page layout>margins>paragraph>spacing>header
Microsoft Word Training
Getting familiar with Microsoft Word 2007
MLA Format In Word
MLA Style Essay Formatting Tutorial
Word 2007 Tutorial
Tutorial guide for using Word
Word Tutorial
Basic Word information
Create A Bibliography
Help for adding a citation and source to a document
Microsoft Word 2002 Tutorials
Tutorials for Microsoft Word (2002 or 2003)
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Learn what you need to know to put together a PowerPoint
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
Hands-on introduction to the newly designed Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
Office Power Point 2007 Basics
Simple Powerpoint directions from start to finish
Powerpoint 2000
Introduction to Powerpoint 2000 and other Office products
Powerpoint 2003 Tutorial
Powerpoint in the classroom
Powerpoint 2007 Tutorial
Powerpoint in the classroom
PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial
Step-by-step help for Powerpoint 2007
Son of Citation Machine
Citation Machine is an interactive web tool designed to assist with MLA format
Citation Center
How to properly format your MLA citation: MLA Generator
MLA Format: Fully automatic bibliography maker
KnightCite is an online MLA citation generator
MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide
OWL MLA (Modern Language Association) site offers examples for the general format of MLA research papers, in-text citations, endnotes/footnotes, and the works cited page
Direct Quotation
Citing information and avoiding plagiarism
Paraphrase: Write it in Your Own Words
Learn to borrow from a source without plagiarizing
Tutorial on Plagiarism and Paraphrasing
Quiz yourself on plagiarism and paraphrasing
You Quote It, You Note It!
Entertaining plagiarism tutorial
What Is Plagiarism?
Find out what plagiarism is all about
How much do you really know about the rules of copyright and the risks of illegal copies
Dance Mat Typing
Fun and entertaining game for keyboarding
Keyboarding Skills
Very simple typing lessons
Custom Typing Training
Training designed to help you learn correct finger placement and motion, and develop skill in hitting the correct keys
Touch Typing Program |
Typing tutorial with 15 lessons
Free online typing programs for beginning, intermediate and advanced keys each contain nine typing exercises