To Speak Or Not To Speak

That is the question

Whether it is nobler in the mind

To sit and do my work

or to speak and make fun

of the dorks in the classroom

Tis' it not possible to do both?

 or should i work really hard

And get really far,

to one day Graduate

 and own a nice car

When your teachers in a meeting

in the corner of the class

Does she deny the right

to the Question you need to ask?

When your teacher isn't present

for all the help you need,

Can you chill and speak with other kids indeed?

-Matt Roberts

I wait for its Return My heart is no longer with me, I wait for its return. The heart that gave me life, where my feeling used to burn. My heart no longer stood, and before i even knew. My heart had left me out of reach and inside of you. It will come back to me and love again will I. My body without a heart willl just die. I see you without a care and so much laughing that I just wonder if you kno that I'm still here and I'll never let go. I still cry and lie alone and no one there to call my own. I lost my heart my sanity and worst of all i am alone. I'll ask you this as a favor to let my heart be free. Let it come back to the person it belongs to, and that person, it is me. -Alejandra Santana