Opportunity Program (Grades 7th, 8th, and 10th)

Opportunity is a reading and math academy directly focused on raising the abilities of students in those two areas.  Along with core requirements, the goal is to raise the reading and math abilities of students so they may progress to the next grade level.  Students with irregular attendance, behavioral problems and possible retentions due to poor reading and math skills are eligible for the Opportunity classes.  Students may be enrolled on a voluntary basis by an agreement between the school and the parent.  They may also be involuntarily placed through the District's Student Discipline Hearing Panel.

Opportunity Enrollment Information

7th and 8th Grade Opportunity - If a student wishes to attend 7th and 8th grade Opportunity; parents must schedule an appointment with Ms. Prentiss.  


10th grade opportunity is a self-contained class with a minimum of 15 students.  These students will be given the opportunity to earn 9th grade credits as well as stay on track in the 10th grade.  They attend school 5 days a week for three hours.  


10th Grade Opportunity- Placement to 10th grade Opportunity is organized through S.A.P. (Student Assistant Program).  Please contact Student Assistance Program. 

See the Student Handbook for more information.