Below you will find a short essay demonstrating how to write with colors. It takes each of the smaller pieces of a composition and colors them so you can check whether you included them in your introduction, body and conclusion. My thesis statement, or the very most critical statement, should be the "grabber" and I have labelled it " red ".  It should be the one you really want to stop and think about as the most important.  I put a discussion topic sentence in each paragraph, labeled yellow . That should "caution" you to only talk about that subject in the paragraph. The color " yellow " should cause you take caution and think about the content for that whole paragraph. You can write many paragraphs about the same subject, especially when you have a lot of details to share. Note that I gave each subject, or body, of the paragraph that I wanted to discuss a different color. In my introduction, I stated what subjects I would discuss and gave them a color of orange , blue, purple , or green . Think of all those colors as adding life to the story. Can you see the different colors or topics? I covered four subjects. I then wrote at least one paragraph about each subject. Last, I wrote a conclusion which again mentioned each of the colored subjects in wrap-up words.

Cyber assignment : Can you tell me what four subjects each of my four colors represented? Write me an email by going to the "Contact Ms. Graham" button in the menu, and tell me the four subjects.

From Buyer to Future Seller!

Red = The "stop grabber" thesis sentence.

Yellow = The carefully thoughtout topic sentence for each paragraph.  

Orange = 1st body support paragraph.

Blue = 2nd body paragraph.

Purple = 3rd body paragraph.

Green = last body paragraph.

Filler information.

For someone who gets endorphins from shopping, to attend a convention of Internet buyers and sellers was a great "high".
I hadn't been to the San Francisco Bay area in four years and was nervous about driving all that way by myself. I set out in my Highlander with snacks, books on tape, and cold drinks in an ice chest. I was too good an Internet shopper, and needed to learn how to sell. The e-Bay Alive 2005 Convention was not only a blast, but a group celebration. I was kept busy with classes, collecting buttons, earning ribbons, and picking up freebies.  It's always hard for me to go places all by myself, but once my car was parked in the bustling city of San Jose, I found everyone to be amazingly friendly and helpful. The entire down town convention center was decorated in rainbow colored flags and banners. My first impression was that e-Bay had purchased the San Jose Convention Center, so they could paint and carpet the entire inside with their trademark colors and logos. Soon I noticed that all the people, not just the officials, were dressed in colored rainbow hues, fancy hats, embroidered shirts to celebrate e-Bay. There were flags on every lamp pole from the airport to the convention center, so nobody could possibly miss the 10th anniversary party. I just knew I was going to learn a lot and have fun doing it.

I love learning, so every workshop or class I can absorb is an adventure.
Typically, I am a very serious conference attendee. There were classes for Power Sellers", Marketing, Photography, Investments and Financing of businesses, Creating Web Pages, How to Package and Ship your products all the way to Making Your Own Business Cards. I was able to take classes from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.; however, I found that when I was seated in a dark auditorium, I was dozing off to sleep. It wasn't because the information was boring, but the darkened environment was too relaxing. I have sleep apnea, which causes snoring and I didn't want to embarrass myself, so I got up to go find some caffeine!  The San Jose Convention Center takes in two massive hotels and all the room in between within a long city block. There were restaurants, and little coffee stands, but I decided to go explore the trade exhibition.

Wow! What excitement, bells, music, loud speaker announcements, prize drawings, and loads of people covered with buttons, talking and laughing. This was no ordinary group of sales people. At surprise intervals, a certain tune would be played, and everyone would run to one of the e-Bay trade booths. For just two minutes, the workers would hand out an anniversary button. These were beautiful, animated, multi-colored buttons that represented e-Bay's every year in business. The idea became that you would try to get into the convention hall during certain times in order to get the next button. Now it also seemed that other distributors joined the fun too. They had even fancier buttons with blinking lights. What became an obsession was the collecting and adding to your name tags. Some attendees looked like moving Christmas trees, with flashing lights and
rainbow ribbons.

Some people's nametags brushed the floor because they were so long with the trail of ribbons. I thought it was some type of fancy official who had years of experience and was thus labeled with all kinds of awards. Nope, everyone could collect them too. Actually, you had to fill out a questionnaire which gave e-Bay a bank of demographic information. I presented my filled out survey to the folks behind the counter, and in frenzy, they gathered ribbons which represented answers that I had given on my survey. For example, "How many years have you been and e-Bay member?" "How many miles did you travel to get to the convention?" "How many years have you been a seller or a buyer?" I was thrilled when I got a dozen or so colorful ribbons with sayings printed on them.  I didn't attend the rock concert with the U2s, or the family picnic at Great America, and I didn't go to classes all day.  I was having too much fun collecting silly tokens of my experience.

I found that I could learn just as much great information by talking with vendors in the convention hall, and it didn't hurt to pick up all the promotional items. I was completely amazed at the world that existed in cyberspace. With more than a hundred vendors, it took me hours to make the rounds at all the booths. I made my own business cards at one place, won a T-shirt at another. I put tickets in all the raffles, and ended up winning books and CDs on how to do everything on the Internet. I picked up pens, pencils, flashlights, a smell wrench that converted to a pen, autographed books by the author, and twenty three different software demonstration programs. While I was there, I even had a shirt embroidered with my business name.

For someone who is quite shy with strangers, I had such a great time at the e-Bay Alive 2005 convention. I was energized by the colors, friendly people, and knowable instructors willing to share their expertise in classes. I found myself being almost silly in collecting pins. My name tag had no more room for all the buttons and it hung down nobly with ribbons. It was a good thing that I drove my car, because I had loaded the back with all kinds of free "booty" from the show. It lasted only 3 days, but I felt refreshed and bubbled with the fun time I had amongst people I didn't even know. I left still unprepared to sell on e-Bay, but I've marked my calendar for next year's convention in Las Vegas. That should be a trip!