Our counselor, Mrs. Sexson is here for you. If you would like to see a counselor for any reason, please come into the office before school, at lunch, or after school and fill out a request slip with the counselors' assistant, Ms. Susan.

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Ms. Susan

We know that sometimes an urgent matter will arise where you really need to see a counselor right away.  In that case, ask your teacher for permission to come to the counseling office.  Once your teacher signs your Binder Reminder, come to the office and let Ms. Susan, the counseling assistant, know that you have an urgent matter.  She will get you in to see a counselor at the earliest convenience. 

In addition to the scheduling and guidance related to your IBMYP classes, our counselors are also here to support you in your academic decisions, career goals, personal growth and support, peer mediation, testing,  and individual and group counseling and support.

Allison Rutledge-Kanpp

Allison Rutledge-Kanpp was born and raised in the Coachella Valley and has been in education for 12 years.  She has taught both middle school and high school Social Science classes and absolutely loves working with kids.  Last year she moved out of the classroom and into her new role as a Counselor where she enjoys working with students on a more personal and individual level.  When not at John Glenn, Mrs. Rutledge enjoys spending time with her family and travelling. 

Mary Cardinal

As your middle school counselor, my job is to promote and enhance student achievement.  I provide academic, personal/social and career counseling.  My job as your counselor is to support a safe learning environment and address the needs of all students.  These needs may require any of the following: individual or group counseling; consultations with parents, teachers; referrals to other support or community services; peer counseling.

On a personal note, I am a graduate of Chapman University; I hold a PPS credential and a Masters in School counseling. I have been working in Public Education since January of 2005.  I came to John Glenn Middle School in January of 2013. I have three children; my oldest is a student at Kansas State University and a member of the Kansas National Guard. My other two children are at La Quinta High School, one is a junior and one a senior.  It is a pleasure to serve the John Glenn Middle School community. The dedication, passion and vision of the faculty, staff and students are exciting!