Language Arts Alternative Career Option 8th Grade Language Arts Assignment for Job Application and Cover Letter

This alternative is in place of using the teacher's designed job application.

Objectives: Students will learn the best techniques to filling out job applications, productive ways to frame their individual skills in a business cover letter, and how to make positive ways to make a good first impression.

1. In neat, appropriate attire, pick up a job application from a local business of interest to you.

2. Make a copy of the application to practice filling in for perfection.

3. Proof read your practice application, filling in all blanks, using full names and correct and complete addresses and phone numbers. Include area and zip codes. Do your research.

4. Find out the name of the manager in charge of the business you desire to seek employment.

5. Prepare a cover letter for you application addressed to the manager of the business. Using business format from Holt's business writing chapter, page 743 forward, write a letter explaining why you would be a good person to hire for the business.

    A. Make sure the purpose of your letter is stated in the first paragraph.

    B. Give one or two examples of your expertise or skills that would apply towards the job you want.

    C. State your availability for an interview.

    D. Provide correct contact information.

    E. Thank him/her for the time to consider or review your application.


6. Submit cover letter attached to the business application.

Class product is turned in _______________ Should you be turning this in to a real business, again be neat, clean, appropriately dressed for a positive appearance when you turn in your paper work to the business. Always be polite, chew NO gum, thank the individuals you are in contact with, use eye contact, and smile.