You must have this spiral notebook for Thought Book.

1 -Spiral Notebook (9.5 x 6 in) : 3 Subject - (College Ruled) -***Please notice the size. It's smaller than a standard notebook. Italso must be spiral.***

We are going to use this notebook to create beautiful Thought Books!

Thought of the Week:  August 30 - Sept. 10, 2010 

You have 2 weeks to purchase the notebook and complete this assignment. After this, you will have one thought due every Friday.  

Due Friday, Sept. 10.

Must be written in blue or black ink.

Illustrate the meaning. Use color.  I know that we are not all artists, but I do require effort.  You may draw stick people, but they have to have hands, feet, facial features, and clothes, of course!  :)

20 points. 


Illustrated and centered on page. 

"The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard work, second, stick-to-itiveness, and third, common sense."

Thomas Edison



Picture should be drawn in the middle/top section of page. The quote should be written in the bottom third area. 

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