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Desert Ridge Academy

Dress Code Policy


All DRA students must be in uniform every school day


Desert Ridge Academy (DRA) has an adopted school-wide uniform policy, which will be in effect on August 27, 2012. The school uniform is as follows:


  Shirts (boys and girls):   Solid royal blue, gold or orange polo shirt

  Bottoms boys:     No specific color

  Bottoms girls:   No specific color, but must be below finger tips

  Must not have rips or skin showing above finger tips

  No hip hugging/pencil skirts


A student’s clothing shall not be disruptive to the learning process. The appropriateness of any questionable attire will be determined by school staff. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:


· LOGOS: NO logos are allowed other than the school logo. Inappropriate logos include, but are not limited to, those displaying or promoting alcohol, innuendoes, disrespect, tobacco, drugs, graffiti, racism, gang affiliation, derogatory comments, skulls, pentagrams, heartagrams, profanity, sexual connotations or violence/weapons.

· BANDANAS, and HAIR NET: These are a distraction and are to be left at home.

· HATS AND HOODS: Are to be removed while in buildings.

· SHOES: NO sandals, flip flops, slippers, heels or platforms above 2”

· TOPS: NO tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops, strapless, plunging neck lines, one strap or back-less attire. Tops may not be see through, and may not show the abdomen. Shirts may not be draped over the shoulder.

· PANTS: Must be able to stay up without a belt, may not be excessively baggy, may not drag on the ground, may not use staples, tacks, rubber bands or tape to hem, underwear must not show, belts must go through the loops and buckle must not have any letters, numbers or symbols that affiliate with gang activity.

· SHORTS, SKIRTS, DRESS: When a student is standing, these must be longer than the end of student’s finger tips when arms are hanging. No cut-offs, oversized, baggy, sagging or athletic shorts allowed. Bottoms must be able to stay up without the aid of a belt.

· PE CLOTHES: PE shirts or shorts may ONLY be worn in PE.

· MISCELLANEOUS: NO clothing or jewelry identifying a particular group which might cause conflict. NO writing on body. NO non-natural hair coloring. NO writing on backpacks. NO wallet chains.

· PIERCINGS: NO body piercings other than ear lobes. NO spikes. Earrings must be studs.


Anything else that is found to be disruptive to the learning process or is seen as inappropriate will not be allowed.


*Refer to our school web site page for additional information regarding our dress code policy.


Web page link:  www.dsusd.us/schools/desertridge

Dress Code Updates

* Students may wear distressed pants (rips and worn look) AS LONG AS the rips/worn spots do not show ANY skin on the upper thigh section.  We will use the same finger tip rule for pants as we do shorts/skirts. Students will receive a Dress Code Citation and call home IF we see skin through rips/worn spots above the finger tips when arms are extended to the side.

* We strongly discourage students from wearing the tight tube skirts to school.  We had many problems last year with students violating the dress code policy with short, tight skirts.  The skirts have created uncomfortable issues between students and often disrupted the school/learning environment.

* Students are not allowed to wear basketball/sports shorts to school.

* Students are not allowed to wear the P.E. uniform (shorts or shirt) under their clothing.



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