Band Wisdom


50 Signs You're A Hardcore Bando…
1. When you hear music and you start marking time.
2. When marking time is your favorite form of exercise.
3. When you walk behind someone - in step.
4. When you try to guess the tempo of your favorite song.
5. When you don't mind changing clothes on the bus.
6. When you point out key changes to others while listening to the radio.
7. When the band room smells good to you.
8. When you like wearing your uniform more than your street clothes.
9. When Dr. Beat soothes you to sleep.
10. When it's easier to sleep in a bus than in a bed.
11. When you consider your drill book a fashion accessory.
12. When you practice your instrument more than you talk to your dog.
13. When you check the band web site daily - sometimes twice.
14. When people worry when they see you without your instrument.
15. When "armed guard," means a girl with a pole instead of a guy with a gun.
16. When band camp is FUN.
17. When marching in mud to your ankles is fun.
18. When someone says the words "box angle" and you automatically put your head up.
19. When you realize the game is "suddenly" over.
20. When you dress the lunch line, and urge others to do the same.
21. When you're alone and you think you'll suffocate because there's no one telling you to breathe.
22. When slides feel normal.
23. When your instrument has a name.
24. When you remember your instrument's birthday and forget your mom's.
25. When you give your instrument a birthday party.
26. When the words "John Philip Sousa" make you misty-eyed.
27. When you hold a reed burning ceremony.
28. When a basics block becomes a social refuge.
29. When you know exactly how many 8 to 5 steps it takes to reach the rehearsal field.
30. When you think of a press box only as a place where judges reside.
31. When you see your section more than you see your family.
32. While everyone else wants to beat the other football team - you want to take on the other band.
33. When you wait for your English teacher to dismiss you from class.
34. When you think evening practices should last a half-hour longer.
35. When you accidentally call your Band Director "Dad".
36. When you organize your music folder alphabetically and color code it by genre.
37. When you can put on you uniform in less than five minutes.
38. When you wear "Dinkles" to the prom.
39. When you find money on the ground and donate it back to the band.
40. When you think your plume is alive.
41. All your band friends are on speed dial.
42. When you have a neck strap/harness tan line.
43. When your band rehearsal hat becomes a religious icon.
44. When numbers past 8 aren't important.
45. When letters past G aren't important.
46. When you know how to "waterfall."
47. When you glide-step through the cafeteria so you don't spill your lunch.
48. When you critique others who glide-step through the cafeteria trying not to spill their lunch.
49. When you know the school fight song in retrograde.
50. When you get all the jokes on this list.