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Career day will once again take place in the spring this year. Check back for exact day as Spring approaches.


  What is College/Career Day?

AVID College & Career Day is a day in which all John Glenn teachers invite a guest speaker to talk to their classes about their college experiences and their careers. The funnier the college anecdotes, the better! However, the goal is to encourage our students to pursue college. The career that people have now does NOT have to be the career they went to college for; the only requirement is that the guest speaker is a college graduate.

Each guest speaker will speak to each class that teacher has that day. It's a Tuesday, so the classes are 30 minutes long beginning at 7:30. Some teachers have more than one guest speaker so each speaker doesn't have to give the same speech 7 times (!). And the AVID class hosts a beautiful brunch during the lunch period that day (10:30 - 11:10).

If you are interested in being a guest speaker,  please contact me for more information. 


Thank you,


Crystal Hollenbeck