MAROO of the Winter Caves

Maroo is a young girl (maybe 11 yrs.) who travels with her family from the Winter caves to the sea shore for the summer months.  As her mother gives birth to a baby boy, the family heads back to the Winter caves late in the season.  Maroo's father slips and falls off a cliff and dies.  Out of all of the family members, it is up to Maroo and Otak to make it back across the treacherous mountains, fight off cave lions and spirits to find their tribe.  Otak, Maroo's brother, takes off on his own and is lost.  Maroo must go on to find her tribe in order to lead a rescue party back to her mother and baby brother.

This story complements Humanities' Early Man unit.  The story takes place in  a region known as Massif Central and the Maritime Alps in southern France.  We'll discuss the geography and a little about what is located there in France today.

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