Palm Desert High School Library
Telephone (760) 862-4300 x1814  |  Joseph Batok

Normal hours: 7:30AM - 4:00PM
Open daily for lunch
Computer Lab: open as needed
Note: Circumstances may require that the library close for lunch, before school, or after school, due to other commitments. There may be no advance notice.

55 computers are available to students. All computers have Internet access, Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and Works. These computers are for academic purposes only. Students are discouraged from playing games, or surfing the Web; access to email is not allowed. This is in accord with the DSUSD "Acceptable Use of Technology" policy form which is signed by all students and parents at the beginning of the year.

During normal hours, students may use the library before school, at lunch, and after school, without a pass from the teacher. During class times, a pass from the teacher is required.

*** No food or drink allowed at any time.
*** Use of cell phones is prohibited - please take calls outside.
*** Library books - check out 3 books max, for 3 weeks.

All textbooks are the property of PDHS and the Desert Sands Unified School District. They are provided for student use free of charge. Students are responsible for payment in case of loss or damage of any textbooks that they have checked out in their name.

All textbooks are to be returned to the library by the last day of school. Registration packets for the following year will be held until all materials are returned or paid for.

DSUSD Home Page
Here you can find the DSUSD comprehensive library catalog, and the District approved reading lists, as well as the Home Access Center login.

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