By Chris Schweizer

Certain of Ms. Graham's Language Arts students are currently engaged in a project with the Falcon School for Girls in West London.  The project begins with the reading of The Crogan Adventures.  The book circulating among the students is called Crogan's March. In the beginning, young Crogan learns that his family tree is quite a mix of characters, adventures, and not so pristine reputations.  There are 16 Crogan family members, but only two books have been written.

The concept of the project, after reading the first book, is to pair up with a Falcon School student in London, select a Crogan family member, and collaboratively write an adventure for that family member.  The author, Chris Schweizer, is even looking forward to reading what we create.  This is a G.A.T.E. assignment, and will substitute for two month's reading scores.