Technology Class Guide

Welcome to my technology class and Desert Ridge Academy. This school year will be an exciting one for both students and teachers alike and I look forward to our adventures together.  Below are some guidelines for my class that will help you be successful this year.  Please share them with your parents and keep this document handy for reference throughout the school year.

In these classes you will learn various computer programs with an emphasis on Web 2.0 technology and those products found in  Microsoft Office.  After becoming proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher you will be exposed to other programs that are used for computer animation as well as publishing on the Internet.  In addition, you will be learning how to use Open Source software such as OpenOffice and Google Sketch-up.  Graphic Design classes will reach a higher level of mastery for all programs as well as being exposed to a wider variety of software. There is no textbook for this class and homework will generally not be required as almost all assignments will be completed on the classroom computers.  You must have a signed Internet Acceptable Use Policy on file in order to use the Internet in this classroom.

Your grades will be determined by work in class on the assignments that you are given. If  you do good work and complete your assignments according to standards then you will get a good grade.  It is as simple as that!

Since this course is computer-based there is no great need for the usual school materials other than pens/pencils and paper to take class notes and for outlining ideas for projects.  However, it is nice to have an inexpensive USB drive (less than $20)These can be purchased at stores such as Walmart or Best Buy for a minimal amount. 

Because of the number of activities and nature of the class assignments, attendance is vital.  Students who miss class often cannot learn as effectively as those who attend on a regular basis.  Absent students will be expected to make up class work upon their return.  They will be giving one day make-up time for everyday they have been absent.  In the case of assignments, which cannot be made up, students will be given alternative assignments to complete. These will take the place of the original assignment for grading purposes.

My behavior expectations are quite traditional.  You know how to behave at school and I expect you to act accordingly.  I require my students to be:

1. Prompt
2. Prepared
3. Productive
4. Polite

Most students meet these standards and enjoy positive consequences.  If you choose to not follow these standards, you will be subject to Desert Ridge Academy discipline procedures.  The procedures are as follows:
1. Verbal warning
2. Parent Awareness form sent home
3. Parent phone call and detention if required
4. Office Referral

Severe enough behavior will result in immediate office referral in accordance with school discipline policy.  Remember, these procedures are provided for your information.  Most students behave appropriately throughout the entire school year and never have to worry about these policies.  Remember, the choice is yours.