Topics for Desert Ridge Academy Computer Technology

A.  Current basic computer hardware and software terminology

B. Operation and care of computer related hardware

1.Cleaning input devices
2. Proper startup and shutdown sequences
3. Scanning for viruses
4. Formatting storage devices
5. Defragmenting hard drives

C. Basic troubleshooting techniques for computer systems

 1. Software problems
 2. Hardware problems
 3. Ways to isolate problems

D. Legal, ethical and copyright issues involved with the use of computer-based technology

  1. Acceptable uses
  2. Copyright issues and the internet
  3. Copyright issues in electronic publishing
  4. Legal practices related to technology use and information
  5. Ethical issues and software copying
  6. Distribution of copyrighted materials
  7. Proper citing of sources

E.  Appropriate utilization of electronic research tools

F.  Computer applications for record and data management

1. Spreadsheets
2. Databases

G. Using computers to communicate through printed media

1. Newsletters
2. Brochures
3. Student reports

H. Applications using computer-based collaboration tools

1. List servers
2. Threaded discussion groups
3. E-mail
4. Audio/video conferencing

I. Communication through the Digital Media

1.  Multimedia internet resources
2.  Telecommunications
3.  Presentation tools

J.  Privacy, security and safety issues

1. Chat room, instant messaging and email
2. Internet privacy issues
3. Confidentiality of records
4. Publishing names and pictures of minors

K.  Methods for evaluating the authenticity, reliability and bias of data published on the internet

Methods of Instruction

A.  Lecture and discussion of pertinent topics
B.  Hands-on use of technology with guided practice
C.  Demonstration and evaluation of different kinds of software
D.  Work sessions with courseware with emphasis on productivity suite software
G.  Multimedia presentations utilizing current presentation software
H.  Demonstrations of basic operating system procedures
I.   Demonstrations of basic techniques for solving software and hardware problems