Course Requirements and Evaluation

A. Participation in all sessions in a cooperative learning mode

B.  Creation of a database

C.  Design and presentation of a multimedia presentation

D.  Use of spreadsheet to create budget plan

E.  Use of word-processor for student reports

F.  Use of publishing program to create newsletters and brochures

G. Evaluate information on the internet in regards to authenticity, reliability and

H. Use of web publishing program to create a web site

I.  Use of various programs to create an electronic portfolio

J. Define basic terms common to the study of computers

K. Demonstrate basic proficiency on use of internet and advanced search  techniques for internet research

L.  Use technology to help create a History Day project

M. Use technology to help create a Science Fair project

N. Use technology in the creation of other school projects as required

O. Projects and examinations


Grading for this course is pass or not pass.  If assignments meet standards they will be given a passing grade.  Below standards work will receive a grade of not pass.  Students will have to pass at least 60% of all assignments to pass the course.


A.  Required

1. Handouts and online articles as provided by instructor

B.  Suggested

               1. User manuals and help files on programs utilized during the