Marilena Martello

Italian 3 and 4 Honor




Italian HP students will work together with Italian CP students for most of the classroom activities. Nevertheless, they will be challenged to write more complex paragraphs, lengthier and more detailed projects, and more frequent oral classroom interventions.


All students in this program are required to keep a well organized Italian only notebook/binder, and do all their homework assignments.


Italian honor students should consider taking AP Italian at their 4th year of study. They should also be involved with the Italian club and the tutoring program.


Students need to perform at least at a C+ level in order to keep the “honor” status. Struggling students can drop to the CP requirements by the end of each semester.




New this year…..  Honor students will have to prepare and present at the end of EACH semester a portfolio consisting of 7 parts. Each part will be introduced by a reflection.


1. Student self assessment reflection

 “How this portfolio shows my academic growth”


2. Listening reflection

Include a print out of what you have listened to (song, TV show,   movie, etc).  


3. Speaking reflection

Include the dialogue you have written (you can work with another student and have the same dialogue).




4. Writing reflection

Include your original piece of writing (essay, poem, e-mail, etc., letter to a newspaper’s editor, etc).


5. Reading reflection

  Select a short story (You can use Mrs. Martello’s library). Write a one page summary


6. Culture reflection

  You can select any Italian cultural topic! You can either find the information in English or in Italian. Write, in English, a good essay about it.


7.  Internet reflection

Find any scholastic Italian material on the Internet (an Italian game, an exercise for grammar or vocabulary, advertisements, etc.). Include your activity.


Unless specified, all activities, including the reflections, are written in Italian. The student self assessment reflection can be written in English.