This is the youth version of Greg Mortenson's best seller about his journey to climb K2.  His sister's death brought such grief that Mortenson wanted to leave a remembrance in Christa's honor at K2's peak.  However, getting lost, nearly dying, and then one wrong path took Greg to a forgotten world.  There he began his mission to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people, and honor his sister by building over 100 schools.  The focus is for young girls to be educated so that they will return to the villages to help them flourish.  The story is basically true, but has been altered to combine incidents over several trips into a few adventurous journeys.  

In 2011 & 12, John Glenn MS raised $1,000 for the Central Asian Institute, the  agency established to further what Mortenson began.  Look for this again in March 2013.