Marilena Martello

Benvenuti alla classe della signora Martello



Dear students,


Welcome to the new and exciting school year 2004-2005. I hope you all had a good Summer, a time to relax with the whole family, and recharge the body and the spirit for the upcoming year.


I am very pleased that you have chosen to learn the Italian language and culture this year. You are the students who are starting this program at LQHS, and I really hope that you will help me to make it grow and exciting for the years to come by challenging yourself in taking Italian II, III and IV. You will be rewarded with the satisfaction of “actually” understanding and speaking  Italian. For most universities, you will also satisfy their foreign language requirements.

(Honor, AP and IB Italian classes are going to be offered in the following years as requested by the Italian students and approved by the school District).


The textbook that I have selected is “Un giorno in Italia – 1 “ written by Loredana Chiappini and Nuccia De Filippo and published by Bonacci editore. ( ). The book offers a very challenging approach to the learning of a foreign language because it starts from the very beginning using BIG WORDS and tons of vocabulary. Although the students will feel a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning, they will start to enjoy it as they realize that they are learning SENTENCES rather than fragmented words (Don’t worry! I will explain in class what I mean!!!). Since the book is very affordable in comparison to other textbooks (22 Euro = 20 $), I would like the students to consider buying a copy, together with a small Italian dictionary (6 $ at any book store).


CURRICULUM Italian I. This year you are going to learn the following communicative functions:

1. Presentarsi

2. Chiedere informazioni

3. Chiedere e dire l’ora

4. Salutare

5. Descrivere stati d’animo

6. Descrivere ambienti e persone

7. Comprare un biglietto

8. Ordinare qualcosa al bar

9. Esprimere gusti e preferenze

10.   Fare una telefonata

11.   Descrivere una citta’/spazio

12.   Descrivere la propria famiglia

13.   Comprare qualcosa

14.   Parlare di esperienze passate

15.   Invitare qualcuno


For most of these functions, you will have to prepare and present a memorized dialogue to the class. You will also be tested on any of these activities at the end of each semester. So, keep in mind that all the work you will be doing in class or for homework will be needed in order to get you ready for these communicative activities. CAPITO?