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Communication Arts Pre-Med

Indio High School received a Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant from the federal government. This is a three-year program in its third year of implementation. IHS is offering specialized programs to students in the areas of Law, Medicine and Communication Arts.

Magnet courses offered this year in the pre-law magnet are Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, and Criminal/Civil Law/Procedure, and Mock Trial.
The pre-med program offers Introduction to Bio-Medical Explorations, Forensics/Criminalistics, EMT Training, Medical Diagnosis, Concepts of Surgery, and Anatomy/Physiology. 

The Communication Arts Magnet classes include Video Production, Digital Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Theater, Piano I and II, Choir, Photography/Digital Photography, Programming for Animation, Programming for Gaming, Dance, Web Page Design, Journalism, Yearbook, Broadcasting, and Fashion Design.

The links to the three programs on this page provide additional information about the outstanding teachers, facilities, and content of these classes.

For further information about this program, please contact Lisa Nava at 760-775-3550 x 5373.

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