Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome to Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School!

My name is Clayton Hill, and I've been blessed to serve this community since 2009. With a combination of hard work and collaboration, we strive to provide a safe learning environment that supports every student in attaining academic success.

An essential component of any academic success is constant dialogue between the school and home. There are several ways to stay informed about events as well as contribute your talents to Roosevelt Elementary. We have monthly School Site Council meetings, which allows the community to gain a better understanding of the various systems in place. Likewise, I facilitate monthly "town hall" meetings, which gives the community a chance to share their thoughts and concerns as it relates to making Roosevelt a rigorous learning environment. (Note: All of our meetings are posted in the Calendar section of our website.) Additionally, I send home monthly newsletters, so check your student's backpack on a regular basis.

Roosevelt Elementary is a community focused on the education of every student. In this process, there may be differing opinions. Does this mean we stop communicating? Of course not. We must come together to clarify any misunderstandings and continue moving forward. I encourage every parent and/or guardian to visit the classroom or become a regular volunteer. This is a great way to develop a positive relationship with your child's teacher as well as the entire school.

In the course of educating a student, we address the academic as well as the social component. Every adult on campus takes responsibility for modeling respectful behavior. We understand that students make mistakes, and it is our goal to meet them at that moment to provide direction. When our students move into middle school, they will be prepared to face the academic and social challenges.