Anime Club- This club is open to seventh and eighth graders. We welcome anyone who wishes to explore the Anime and Manga art forms, share an interest in video games and the graphics that they use, or participate in the creation of animated arts, traditional arts and other related activities. This club meets every other Tuesday during second lunch in Rm#1158. Contact Ms. Tanya Carter at tanya.carter@desertsands.us for more information.

Christian Club- This club is student-led and is open to all PDCMS students. Club meets every Wednesday during lunch. Meetings include guest speakers and presentations from other students. Meetings are held in the following rooms: 6th Grade Rm #602; 7th &  8th Grades Rm #703 (Choir Room) Contacts: 8th grade-nanette.kirchhevel@desertsands.us ; 7th grade-anthony.harvey@desertsands.us ; 6th grade- anthony.midcalf@desertsands.us 

CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation) - (THIS CLUB IS NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE.) State-wide organization dedicated to fostering high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of students. Applications are accepted each semester. (Please click on the CJSF tab to find the application.) Student members are involved in monthly lunch meetings, community service activities and fun get-togethers. Meetings will be announced. 

Club LIVE- (THIS CLUB IS NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE.) This club is designed to connect students to their school and community, provide a safe and drug-free environment to socialize, and teach students about the dangers and risks of being involved with drugs and alcohol. Weekly meetings, on and off campus activities are planned throughout the year. 

Foods Club- Open to members of the Foods classes. Meeting times TBA. Contact: janet.runyan@desertsands.us

Math Field Day- If you are interested in being on the Math Field Day team talk to your math teacher for more information. Team meeting dates will be announced. Contact: anthony.midcalf@desertsands.us for 6th Grade; deborah.legawiec@desertsands.us for 7th Grade; debra.ruderman@desertsands.us for 8th Grade.

Robotics Club-
This club provides students with an opportunity to learn about robotics, technology, Apple computers, and web page design. Advanced students participate in regional and national competitions. (Dates TBA) Contact: reginald.clark@desertsands.us  

YHTA (Youth for the Humane Treatment of Animals)/Environmental Club - The purpose of YHTA is to increase awareness and knowledge of domestic and wild animals. Donations and fundraisers are used to fund field trips to animal focused organizations like The Living Desert, Pet Rescue, and The Elephant Sanctuary. The Environmental Club focuses on keeping the environment clean by participating in park cleanups. We also plan to get involved in removing invasive plant species in various areas of the desert. Come to a meeting to get more information. Contact: kimberley.petersen@desertsands.us



To add information on your club or group contact the ASB Advisor at jeanne.jarden@desertsands.us

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