Douglass, Gail (Chair) Jackson, Keith Lindsey, Nathan Wright-Stemmer, Corie
Ireland-Alwine, Jennifer

Our Town

Thornton Wilder’s classic play, Our Town, was presented in the original theatre on May 7-9, 2015. The play’s major, unifying theme is the shame of taking life for granted and not appreciating every moment of every day. During the course of the play, Wilder points out that life is fleeting, and death often comes unexpectedly; therefore, it behooves people to live their lives to the fullest every moment and to let family and friends know that they are loved and appreciated. 

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"The Pride of the Desert"

Bands of Indio High School

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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department is a diverse blend of talent spread across all grade levels throughout multiple disciplines that are rarely offered at MOST high schools across the United States. Indio High School has worked hard to keep its elective courses and the strength of the Fine Arts is one example. Each year Indio High produces some of the most talented, artistic, and expressive individuals in the entire Coachella Valley! The awards and accolades amass year after year as students are drawn to this popular and incredibly successful program! The Fine Arts department at Indio High School represents the epitome of a team of professionals dedicated to achieving the goal of performance and success and the high school as well as the surrounding communities owe their gratitude to these talented and hard working individuals.