Fryer, Teri Goetz, Jim Jackson, Cathy Rivas, Lauro
Goerzen, Tim Guenther, Judy Wanner, Kathleen

The Math Department has implemented standards-based instruction, curriculum mapping, a common curriculum, syllabi, pacing guide, and grading policy for all the subjects within the department. This process began with a curriculum map which provided a timeline for teaching specific topics and the dates for common assessments to be administrated. Standards-based syllabi were developed that deconstructed all of the Math standards in the pre-algebra and algebra. These were then aligned to textbooks and standards-based supplemental Math worksheets for each of the deconstructed standards.

The Math Department has continued to lead the district in the direction of common curriculum development. The emphasis of the curriculum alignment in the Math Department has been to develop and elevate common assessments as an on-going process. The Math Department has met with other teachers within the district to develop district-wide pacing guides that are available on the district website.