Exclusion List

  A student will be excluded from the Homecoming, Dance, Winter Ball, or the Prom for any one of the following:

  > than 2 suspensions

  - the 3rd suspension will exclude the student

  > than 6 unexcused absences

    - the 7th unexcused absence in any one class will exclude a student

  > than 6 tardy sweeps

  - the 7th tardy sweep  - cumulative

  >Owes any money to the library

>any owed money must be paid before a student is sold a ticket.

  (Grade will not be used for the Homecoming dance only.)

Other information:
Attendance - Nothing can be done.
Suspensions - Nothing can be done.

 Library - can pay what is owed or return the book(s)

 GPA below 2.0 - can take around a progress report



Exclusion List for Attendance is currently under construction. Please come back later.