The Knights of the Round Table is a membership organization established to provide private philanthropic support to the students at Shadow Hills High.  Knighthood is conferred on anyone who supports the students through an annual membership gift of $100 or more.  Membership contributions are fully tax-deductible as provided by law.

  Membership gifts will be used to provide “scholarships” for students sitting for Advancement Placement Exams, Scholastic Aptitude Tests and PSATs.  Costs to the student to sit for these exams are $85-$90 each for AP Exams, $20 for PSATs and $60-$75 for the SAT.  Students can sit for as many as five AP Exams, which is rare, but doable, so you can see the costs can add up quickly.


  This will not be a “free ride” as students will be expected to pay for a portion of these fees, ranging from 40% for one exam to perhaps 10% in those instances where a student will sit for 4 or 5 AP exams.  Many students could not afford to sit for these important exams without the assistance of Round Table funds.

We also will be asked to get involved in funding other areas of student activity, such as the performing arts.  It can cost as much as $10,000 just to buy the rights to a Neil Simon play, and this doesn’t even begin to touch production costs such as scenery and costuming.  

  And there are expenses for instruments, music and uniforms, as well as transportation costs for the Jazz Band and other musical and choral groups to attend competitions out of the area.

SHHS Principal Marcus Wood also sees a role for The Round Table at the end of year academic awards ceremony.  Consisting mostly of certificates and gift cards at places like Borders, graduating seniors (when we have some) might be awarded “scholarships” for college textbooks and school supplies.

The benefit of membership is the good feeling that you will receive because you are helping young people further their education.  In addition, you gift is fully tax-deductible as provided by law and you will receive a special Round Table ID card that will provide you and a guest with admission to any home non-playoff sports event and performing arts program presented by the students and the school.

  For more information about membership in the Knights of the Round Table, please contact Chris Bryant at 760.772.4272 or by email at cbryant@bryantgrp.com.




Knights of the Round Table for Shadow Hills High School is currently under construction. Please come back later.