It is the goal of all IHS teachers, staff and administrators for students to attend each and every school day. It is of great importance for the student, school and the community that the attendance policies are followed. Everyone benefits when students are in school everyday.

NOTICE: If you are late/tardy after 1st period, you must check in at the attendance office before going to class!

Additionally ~ Students that need to leave school before the end of the school day must be picked up by a parent or guardian from the attendance office!


Indio High School has a full-time Attendance Facilitator on staff, as a part of the Administrative Team. The Facilitator handles all attendance issues, which may include tardy sweep violations and truancies from class. Classroom visitations are made by both the Facilitator and the Dean of Students at the start of each school year, in order to better inform the student body about important polices and to provide positive suggestions.


Indio High School has employed a Tardy Sweep Policy for 10 years. As a result, more students are on time to class than ever before. Consequently, more students spend more time in class with fewer disruptions, allowing for more concentrated learning to take place on a daily basis.


The Tardy Sweep Policy is as follows:


  Tardy Sweep

  1TS Warning

  2TS 1 Day OCS - Parent notified

  3TS 2 Day OCS - Parent notified

  4TS 1 Day Suspension - Parent Notified

  5TS 2 Day Suspension - Parent and Principal Notified

  6TS Student is referred to a Disciplinary Hearing Panel


If a student receives an unexcused absence, the home is called, using an automated system, to report to the parent/guardian of the student's truancy. The Attendance Facilitator connects student resources with parents to insure student success in the areas of academics and attendance. These intervention include home visits, referrals to the District's Student Assistance Program, meetings with counselors and parents, intervention strategies from the School Resource Officer, and alternative educational services