Spanish 1B
Course Information

The materials used for the readings provide information on culture, history, and geography of the Spanish-speaking world. There are questions which will help you understand and study them. Additional notes and instructions are located in your Study Guide. Make sure you read it.

Required Book

Paso a paso A of Prentice Hall Spanish

Student Study Guide

The Study Guide (which you are now reading) will provide directions as you proceed through the first semester of Spanish. You will find directions on what to read and study, what to write and learn, when to use the cassette, which papers to mail, and when to take a test. You must realize that the actual learning, writing, and sticking to the schedule must be up to YOU.

Spanish1 tests will be administered by your instructor. Your instructor is Mrs. Castro. .

It is expected that you will spend at least one hour each day on the course, about the same amount of time usually spent in any other class. Learning a language requires much more practice.

Follow the directions given in the student study guide and do the oral sections just as faithfully as the written assignments. Practice your pronunciation out loud at every opportunity.

The written work is made up of questions based on the material covered in the chapter or previous chapters of the CD-ROM. The more you practice during the exercises given in the CD-ROM, the better you will learn the language and be prepared for the tests. You are excepted to do the exercises in the CD-ROM and the self check in the lessons. Although you will not submit that material to me for grading, you are expected to do it and will be held responsible for it on the tests. The more you read the language and the more you practice it, the better you will speak and understand it. Throughout the course, Mrs. Castro may ask you to turn in an assignmetn which was assigned from practice only.  If you can produce it, it will be assigned weighted credit.

Please feel free to e-mail, call or write your teacher any time you have a question, wish an explanation, or want to make a comment. Your teacher will follow your progress closely and is extremely interested in helping you complete the course.

Some Suggestions to Make Your Life and Mine Easier

Carefully study the dialogues. This will help you in developing a fluency in the language as well as serving as a guide to apply the grammar to questions asked of you in the lessons or on the tests.

Learn the material before doing your homework. Answers from the CD-ROM will not help you with tests and finals. If you see the mistakes that you have made and then study the corrections, your Spanish is bound to improve.

Be sure to read the directions carefully. Do what the worksheets or tests ask you to do. See to whom the question refers.

Example: If a question uses Ud., answer in the yo form; if a question uses Uds., answer in the nosotros form.

DO NOT use a dictionary to answer questions on your tests unless directed to do so. A word can have many different meanings and you may not know which one to use. Also remember to mark the accents ( ´ ); a word can change its meaning if you leave out the accent.


Please do the oral test without writing on the paper. If I were there giving the oral test, you wouldn't have time to write the answers before giving them to me. The oral test is to be done as if I were there. The answers should be given on the spot. I need to know how much you have learned and how you will answer in a real situation, and the only way for me to know this is by having you do the oral tests without reading the material ahead of time.

If there are sections or lessons that you do not understand or you have trouble with, please call me, e-mail me, or write so I can help you.


Lessons and tests are expressed as letter grades. The final test and the final grade are expressed in both letter and percent. The following grading scale will be used:

90% - 100% A
89% - 90% B
70% - 79% C
60% - 69% D
0% - 59% F

On tests, the written part counts fo ½ of the grade and the oral part counts for ½ of the grade. On the written work, ¼ point is deducted for errors in spelling and placement of accent marks. For the final grade, the grading system is the following: Lessons and Units tests count for 30% of the grade; Final Exam counts for 40% of the final grade and your oral language grade will count for 30% of the final grade. Please study and good luck!