Environmental Learning
Environmental Learning

Committed to Environmental Learning and Pratice

At Palm Desert Charter Middle School , we strive to increase our understanding of the world and take action to improve our local community.

Cultivating the Curriculum -  Teaching through Hands-On  Activities

Our school garden enables student learning through hands-on activities that involve students in the entire academic curriculum - including science, reading, math, nutrition, art,  and life skills like interpersonal communication, critical thinking, and community responsibility. Through gardening, they enjoy learning, appreciate beauty, and become thoughtful stewards of their environment. The 6th grade class participates in an Environmental Service Learning Project in which they volunteer assistance to a local agency or create their own project to make a positive influence. Eigth grade students continue their interest in an elective course of Urban Horticulture .  Complementing our garden is a wireless weather station and solar energy collecting panels installed on our roof.  These are monitored for energy output/energy consumption studies, forecasting weather, and to plan garden activities.

The hard work students do at PDCMS is complemented by our staff's dedication to reduce energy consumption and waste.  The Green Committee takes pride in a campus wide energy reduction program and hosts an annual "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Event".  The Associated Student Body maintains a recycled waste program that is active on a continuous  basis. 


Palm Desert Middle School, where every day is Earth Day.


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