Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Principal Corner:

Latest update regarding Desert Sands Unified School District.
Desert Sands Unified School District is pleased to report that all power to John Adams Elementary School was restored at approximately 8:30 PM on Monday, September 8, 2014. Clean up at the school continues but a full reopening on Wednesday, September 10 is both anticipated and planned. All school sites affected by yesterday's rain are working to tidy up from the aftermath of any remnants left from the storm.
Dr. Gary Rutherford, superintendent, has issued a statement thanking the entire district team, particularly the staff at Adams Elementary, the City of La Quinta and the local utility companies, and the La Quinta Police Department for their immediate actions to ensure the safety of our students and to quickly reopen the school. Parents of our Adams Elementary students are commended for their understanding and their patience during the situation. We are very proud of the children enrolled at the school who handled their morning's adventure using the listening skills that they have been taught and working with their teachers to establish a new routine for the day.
Mary E. B. Perry
Public Information Officer
Desert Sands Unified School District
mobile 760-333-6262

Updated Unform Policy

Please see our updated Unform Policy, under School Policies. It will be enforced the entire school year. 

                                                         Magnesia Falls Pick-up and Drop-off

Your child's safety is a crucial component of our job as parents and school working together.

 Lincoln School’s pick up and drop off area for grades first through fifth is on Magnesia Falls. Students are not allowed to be dropped off in the parking lot as opposed to the pick-up and drop-off lane. This is very dangerous for our students.  Please remember that your son/daughter looks to you as a role model for following school rules.  Please use the parking lot only to park, and then walk your student to the gate.  All other pick-ups and drop-offs must be done in the clearly marked pick-up and drop off lane; and remember, there is only one lane, not two.  Thank you in advance for your help in keeping our students safe.


  Absence Call Line

We never want our students to miss school, however, on the occasion when your son/daughter must miss school due to illness please be sure to use our absence call line to report his/her absence.  It’s better than a note and it saves you time!  The Lincoln School Absence Line number is (760) 776-2062.

Building Readers:

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