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Friday, March 27, 2015


Enviromental Awareness Month - Did you know?  More than 20,000,000 Hershey's Kisses are wrapped each day, using 133 square miles of tinfoil.  All that foil is recyclable, but not many people realize it.


Panoramic Pictures - If you purchased a panoramic picture they are in.  Please stop by the office after school to pick it up.


Playing areas - Please stay off the grass areas at all times.  Remember that playing areas are on the blacktop and the field.

Math Field Day - Attention all 6th grade students who are interested on being on the 6th grade Math Field Day Team.  Mrs. Baxa in Room 503 will be meeting during ASAP Tutorial every Wednesdays and Thursdays until the event in May.  If you are interested please attend the meetings.  Remember, if you get chosen to be on the team or a team tutor, you will receive AOI points!  Hope to see you there!


Attention Earthart Tutors - There will be no after school tutoring this week due to parent conferences.


Attention Redhawks - It’s testing Snacks Time! Standardized testing is just around the corner.  In an effort to provide a snack to each student during testing we need your help. We need every student to bring a box of 10 juice pouches and if you have the following Humanities teachers Perez, Nettimi or Graham please bring 2 boxes of granola bars (no nuts or peanut butter).  If you have Kaylor, McGihon, Seymour, Bywater, Noble, Yost, Tingle or Hill bring 2 boxes of fruit snacks, and if you have Leggett or Sexson 1 box of rice krispie treats.  Redhawks, don’t forget to fill out your raffle ticket, for every snack item you bring in you will be entered in a drawing for a big prize item each week of testing.

Our Character Word of the Month is Perseverance and the IB LearnerProfile Focus is Knowledgeable.


Our Academic Language Words of the Week are Explore and Formulate.



YES to cell phones & electronic devices during lunch

So with that, Redhawks, remember we are Ready, Respectful, and Reach out from the time we enter school to the time we return to school.


Redhawk Parents!

Please open the following letter and schedule regarding the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) window. Important information!

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Redhawk Parents!

You Can Learn More About "Common Core" At Our Link Below:

Common Core For Redhawk Parents


"Must-Know" Terms and Actions

(For The CCSS Online Assessments)

Here is a list of ten actions/terms students will encounter when taking the online CCSS assessments. Though simple, these terms are "must-knows" for students taking the online tests.

Click here for more information and practice: SBAC

1) "Answer Box"

Many of the assessment items require students to type or enter a response directly into a box on the screen. Often, the answer box is the only area that will record a student's response.

2) "Backspace"

The backspace button is used to erase what has been previously typed or entered. This allows students to delete part of their response and change an answer upon checking their work or determining an error was made. 

3) "Buttons"

The online assessments contain various buttons that control navigation, response submissions, and steps needed to complete a problem. These buttons are often located next to one another and are square or rectangular in shape. 

4) "Click"

A click is the act of the student pressing down on a mouse button (or with their finger on tables) in a specific space. Depending on the item, the interaction may require students to click on an object, number, equation, and/or answer box.

5) "Drag"

Used in conjunction with the click action, a student will use a drag to move an object or number throughout the online platform. Students are frequently required to drag various things, including geometric objects, parts of an equation, or specific information found in a table or chart.

6) "Drop"

Once students click on an item and drag it through the space they will need to drop it in a designated are. The drop is the final action of clicking and dragging an object, number, or equation.

7) "Drop Down Menus"

Students, at times, are required to choose from several options on a drop down menu. They click on a down arrow which then generates a menu of choices needed to complete the designated response.

8) "Object"

The online assessments also use a variety of objects such as geometric shapes, tables, charts, diagrams, and pictures. Students are required to interpret, manipulate, and use the objects to complete the mathematical work.

9) "Reset"

Students have the ability to clear and reset any completed mathematical work during the online tests. Answer boxes, tables, charts, and text boxes can all be cleared by clicking and/or pressing the reset button.

10) "Select"

The select command is used as a synonym for choose. Students are asked to select a variety of items including numbers, points on a graph, geometric objects, equations, and functions.

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School Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:04 p.m. Tuesday Dismissal: 12:14 p.m.

Bell Schedule


Due to our focus on school wide safety, students must wear their ID lanyard at all times, while on school grounds. Every student is given a JGMS ID card and lanyard. Replacement cost for ID & lanyard is $10.00 and can be purchased in the front office. Students must only use a school issued lanyard. Students must not put stickers or other objects on their ID card or lanyard. Students must not deface their ID card or lanyard in any way. Personal lanyards are not acceptable.

Not wearing IDs on campus is considered defiance and is subject to discipline.

1st Offense: Lunch Detention*

2nd Offense: 3 Lunch Detentions

3rd Offense: Saturday School

4 or More: Saturday School or Suspension, at the discretion of the administration

*If school ID and lanyard are brought in prior to lunch detention on the first offense, lunch detention will be waived for that day only.



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