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Allan Lehmann, Principal 

WCS Chatter
Special Edition
January 28, 2014

It’s great to be back from winter break. I hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends. A number of our students ventured out of the Coachella Valley; we are glad to have them back. There are a lot of stories our kids are sharing about how they spent their two weeks away from WCS. Visits to the mall and watching a good movie were just some of the things our kids reported. The first weeks back can be an adjustment for some. Once we re-establish the routine of school it all falls into place.

The flu has already crept into school. I am concerned that this year’s illnesses may be a bit worse than in the past. We continue to remind students to thoroughly wash their hands especially before eating and after recess. Over winter break our cleaning crew disinfected the classrooms. Healthy eating and a good night’s rest also help our kids stay healthy, but even if you take precautions it may not exempt your children from getting sick. If they have a fever please keep them home for 24 hours after the fever breaks. This is for the benefit of your child and their classmates.

Spring Testing
As you may have heard from your child’s teacher or read in the newspaper, a significant shift is taking place in how the state is assessing the academic progress that our students are making. For many years our 2nd-5th grade students were administered the California Standards Test (CST). Students also knew it as STAR testing. As Washington Charter School and all other schools transition to Common Core State Standards the testing will also change. Some notable changes include:
* Second graders will no longer be tested;
* Testing will be done on the computer;
* Each child will receive a different set of questions beginning in 2015 (an adaptive test);
* Each student will complete a performance task
On March 5th most of our 3rd-5th grade students will take a 30-minute practice version of the test. The reason we administer the practice test on March 5th is so that the district can test the capability of the current technology hardware. Many elementary schools will also administer the practice test on March 5th. It is a great way to “test” the capacity of our hardware. The field test will occur at WCS the week of April 14th. More information on the field test is forthcoming. The test will be taken by our 3rd -5th grade students on a Chromebook and the anticipated testing time is 3.5+ hours. There will be multiple testing sessions so students will not fatigue.

Congratulations to our Super Students
Matthew Cooley, Taylor Lieberman, Selena Zhang, Andrew McFann, Leela Fayssoux, Alyson Shannon, Sarah Cherlin, Lucca Huth-Vagell, Beau Watson, Angela Nguyen, Todd Needham, Jasmine Espinosa, Frank Wallis, Aidan Co, Sammi Fayssoux, Mackenzie McIntosh, Madison Young, Jacob Cohn, Madison Dockery, Braylee Croft, Roman Rivera, Spencer Burke, Jessica Gastelum Garcia, Clayton Little, Cosette Oh, Miranda Reiter, Reed Lusk, Quinn Greenwald, Parisa Azody, Sylvester Garban, Marlyn Montejano-Rodriguez, Collin Amick, Milo Morrell, Paloma Holoubek, Ian Amick, Isabella Fuentez, Peyton Young, Hayden Smith, Alana Garcia, Hannah Gaertner, Luke Gengler, Victor Sanchez, Christian Nicholas, Sarah Walker, Brady Clemmer, Charlize Box, Luis Barragan, Destiny Hernandez, Jada Garcia, Melanie Vasquez, Brianna Groat, Stephen Hernandez, Parker Finnell, Daphne Le, Aidan Forehand, Jillian Seaman, Megan Antonov, Josiah Alvarez, Savannah King, Kylie Bricker, Tayla Berg, Annie Iannello, Quinn Leach, Willow Wilde, Atticus Oh, Aiden Shields, Tristan Mulahusejnovic, Devon Martello, Gage Madsen, Summer Shannon, Chanel Hildre, Wyatt Ledebur, Angela Pejovic, Kavan Dam, Laila Taher, Maddy Gonzalez, Harrison Worden, Felipe Monjaraz-Pantoja, Ryan Neighbors, Max Raumin, Sierra Minker, Jace Kellett, Violet Feath, Rylan Lander, Natalie Garcia, Raquel Barta, Wendy Arvide, June Riebsomer, Israel Ayala, Alexis Vorster, Troy Samora, Braylee Croft, Sebastian Sotelo-Ramirez, Hayden Trent, Camilla Nunez-Gonzalez, Sarah Nguyen, Todd Needham, Joshua Mondragon, Sienna Palomares, Lindynn Urtiaga, Jared Meza-Torres, Leandra Amador, Makai Armstrong Ross, Elle Shockley, Haley Ewing, Maya Getzelman, Maddox Trent, Leyla Rizvanbegovic, Kelsey Gilbertie, Kristof Pheil, Angel Gabriel-Valentin, Madelyn Liddy, Jacob Seaman, Ryder Corral, Eduardo Gonzalez, Sophie Hill, Reagan Cantwell, Angelina Elraheb, Dawson Nguyen, Valerie Montes-Espejel, Riley Raubolt, Hannah Fernandez, Jonathan Sanchez, Jackson Bishop, Jillian Mero, Erica Castro, Jiiana Cordova, Drake Copeland, Genevieve Jones, Sanjay Thunga, Reagan Van Horn, Genevieve McIlroy, Lynne Barnes, Cameron Trubee, Lilly Wallis, Alyssa Maerean, Charlie Downing, Calle Berg, Harmony Renquist, Cash Anderholt, Megan Jensen, Jeremiah Lockett, Nicole Salazar, Ruth Barnes, Stephanie Nguyen, Kurt Horst, Christopher Babekian, Billy Freer, Grayson Van Guilder, Hannah Thomas, Samantha Santana-Flores, Joshua McIlroy, Tia Dzafic, Antonio Padilla, Luca Buono, Jaden Nguyen

Upcoming Events
January 29 Super Student Assemblies
February 5 Super Student Assemblies
February 7 Walk Jog A Thon
February 10 No School
February 17 No School
February 20 WCS Governing Board Meeting 3:30 pm
February 25 Open House for Prospective Families 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
February 26 Super Student


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