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Washington Charter School  
45-768 Portola Avenue
Palm Desert , CA  92260
Allan Lehmann, Principal 

WCS Chatter
Special Edition
August 12, 2014


Washington Charter School
 45-768 Portola Avenue Drive
Palm Desert, CA  92260
Allan Lehmann, Principal 
 September 10, 2014  

The school year has started so smoothly. The rain earlier this week was a bit of a surprise, but the skies cleared in time for our students to be outside for recess and lunch.  We are already into a routine at school and that bodes well for all of our stakeholders. Please remember what I shared at Back-to-School Night - I have an Open-Door Policy so if you have thoughts to share, please come by and/or make an appointment. We strive to meet the needs of all our families. We love to know when we are doing well but also when you feel that we have room for growth.

September Weather
The temperature now tends to drop a few degrees, but most afternoons it will continue to be hot, with temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees. With your son/daughter’s going out for recess and being active, dehydration is possible especially if most of their summer activities have been indoors. I strongly encourage our students to arrive at school with water bottles. Some parents partially freeze the bottles so the water remains cool throughout the day. It’s also a good idea for your children to wear clothing conducive to the conditions. When it’s hot, Physical Education classes are moved indoors where the temperature is moderate and controlled.

Uniform Policy
As a tie-in to wearing proper clothing for the weather, I want to give a gentle reminder that we wear uniforms at WCS. The dress code is posted online and is part of the Shared Support Agreement that returning families signed in the spring and new families to WCS signed over the summer. Please take a second look at your child before leaving the house to see that socks are solid white, red or blue, and shorts are the proper length and color. The Parent Club Foundation often has a uniform exchange to assist families. If you need any assistance with uniforms, please call the office.

We want every child to be at school on time and to miss school only when absolutely necessary. If an emergency arises and you are not able to get your child to school, please call the office and we will do what we can to bring your son/daughter to school - even if this means that we come to the house.  A missed day of instruction can’t be replicated so please let us help.

Traffic Officers Are Patrolling
For the safety of our students the Palm Desert station of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department increases its presence at the beginning of the school year. Please be aware of the posted speed limit especially when children are present and school is in session. The traffic circle that is off Chicory does not permit a left hand turn at certain times of the day. The patrol officers also look closely at your cell phone usage when driving. The crosswalk is also an area for heightened awareness. Thank you for making student safety a priority.

We have Back-to-School-Night the first or second night of the year so parents know from the start the expectations in the classroom. I realize that this makes for a long day for parents and staff. Thank you for your attendance at this very important event. Many of you commented after last week’s Back-to- School-Night that you now have a better understanding of what lies ahead and how you can be a partner in your child’s education. Attendance at Back-to-School-Night is very important to us. This is why it is one of the mandatory activities in the Shared Support Agreement. We did, however, have some parents who were unable to attend. If that is the case, please contact your teacher if you have not already done so.

Parking At Hope Lutheran
If you park at Hope Lutheran, I kindly request that you do not park in the reserved parking spots. There are three clearly marked spots for the church’s staff. The church is so gracious in allowing WCS to use their parking lot throughout the day. We want to be a good neighbor.

Upcoming Events
September 17 Super Student Grades 1-3 8:20 a.m.
September 24    Super Student Grades 4 & 5  8:20 a.m.
September 26 Fall Picture Day.  Free Dress
October 1 Super Student Grades 1-3 8:20 a.m.



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