Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Washington Charter School  
45-768 Portola Avenue
Palm Desert , CA  92260
Allan Lehmann, Principal 

WCS Chatter
June 9, 2015

Another fantastic school year is coming to a close. Our students and staff are ready for a well-earned summer break. Many of you have exciting trips planned while others will be staying closer to home and enjoying what the desert and surrounding area have to offer. I thank you for your confidence in Washington Charter School and unwavering support of our programs and mission. Your commitment to the school makes a difference. 

Even though we will not be in school for the next few months it’s still important to keep your child’s brain active. It does not necessarily need to be with a math book, but there are a number of activities that can be accessed digitally or in ones’ everyday life that stimulate your child. Think of your child’s brain as soil. If we water and fertilize the soil, what we have planted will be healthy, strong and poised for continued growth. If we cease to water and fertilize the soil, what we plant will wither and lose its vitality. Read to your child and have him or her read for pleasure, visit the library, engage in conversation, eat healthfully, utilize skills that have been acquired in math this year, encourage critical thinking and problem-solving, and allow your child some “downtime.” When school resumes in late August your child will have a stronger foundation to master what is forthcoming during the next school year. 

Literacy continues to be the cornerstone of the WCS Charter. Our stakeholders fund programs and personnel so that students can acquire the skills necessary to be independent readers. Each year the Parent Club Foundation sponsors a carnival as an incentive to recognize the efforts of our students. This year our 1st-5thgraders read 37,806 books and more than 282,000,000 words. They took thousands of AR tests. Our kindergarten students’ turn in weekly book lists and we calculated that they read or had read to them over 25,000 books.

Governing Board Election Results

I am pleased to announce that Leila McCauley and Christian MacLean are newly elected members to the Governing Board. John Lusk and Mike Kovaleff have been re-elected. The fifth parent representative on the board, about to start the second year of a two year term, is An Oh. I would like to take a moment to thank Lori Sanford for her commitment to Washington Charter School. Mrs. Sanford has served multiple terms on the board including holding many officer positions. Lori has helped us grow as a board and excel as a school.

School Calendar for 2015-16 School Year

For planning purposes we are attaching a copy of the 2015-16 school calendar. Please note the early start to the school year. The first day of school is on Wednesday, August 26th. The first day of school will differ a bit from a typical Wednesday (minimum day schedule). First grade students will be dismissed at 12:30 p.m. Our 2nd-5th grade students will have a full day of school on August 26th. Kindergarten and TK have their own schedule on the first day of school with an orientation for morning and afternoon students and parents. Class lists will be posted on Friday, August 21st at 4:00 p.m.  More information about the opening of the school year will be forthcoming in the August issue of the Chatter.

Congratulations to the Following Super Students

Ainsley Forsyth, Canek Mendez, Mercedes Armstrong, Lindynn Urtiaga, Kyan McFann, Sophie Wissman, Rune Reyes, Toure Williams, Cadence Casas, Camilla Nunez, Brady Baxa, Frank Wallis, Mackenzie McIntosh, Drake Leuschner, Shane Foster, Noah Henderson, Sophie Rullier, Dirk Donowho, Xander Howe, Jackson Bishop, Riley Faulkner, Sienna Harmon, Taima Dzafic, Noah Martens, Alexa Rios-Nava, Diego Trujillo, Sophia Villegas, Charlie Rozpedski, Grace Novall, Eli Escamilla, Grant Luna, Ellie Reuter, Giselle Gelineau, Daniel Garcia-Wills, Ana-Lydia Aguilar, Kenny Pinckney, Siri Soderlind, Devin Torres, Leah Menache, Payton Durrett, Quinn Barnes, Julia Young, Arkyn Soderlind, Yesenia Coronia-Rios, Tyson Trinh, Carter Benson, Oz Olarnik, Paloma Holoubek, Ezra Bogoyevac, Jimmie Stansfield, Preston Armstrong, Vienna Ramirez, Brianna Groat, Cage Rubarth, Sophia Swart, Sienna Acosta, Isabelle Martinez, Jezel Lara, Lucas Welch, Sophia Villegas, Jiiana Cordova, Esmeralda Padilla, Rylie Hatrak, Buddy O’Bannon, Atticus Wilde, Siri Soderlind, Madilyn Garcia, Jamie Rodriguez, Gianna Romero, Max Getzelman, Isaiah Rosas, Audrey Steepleton, Marlyn Montejano, Sky Chomsinsub, Kate Reyes, Valerie Montes-Espejel, Casey Albiston, Dawson Nguyen, Joey Cornelius, Jillian Mero, Jordan Lindsey, Zoe Lopez, Reagan Van Horn, Joshua Rivera, Alexis Camacho, Chance Leach, Tonatiuh Mendez, Karly Kovaleff, Tegan Nguyen, McKenna Velin, Nicolo Buono, Leo Reyes, Loreli Menache, Michelle Zavala, Samantha Adams, Violet Feath, Jett Udcoff, Solai Joling, Anastasia Meeks, Trenten Mann, Jeremy Lockett, Lilly Wallis, Brian Both, Ryan Van Horn, Luke Greenwood, Taylor Hatrak, Andrew Kreizinger, Apharna Parvatharajan, Emma Graham, Chloe Garcia, Jessica Nguyen, Naomi Alvarez, Esteban Michel, Jacob Curtis, Dylan Willis, Gaby Noriega, Jonathan Elraheb, Mariana Portillo