Sunday, December 21, 2014
 11:30 AM Update regarding closure of John Adams Elementary School:
Students from Adams Elementary School were safely relocated to the District Education Education Center, North Building, and parents were made aware of the situation via a telephone system used by the District for this type of situation. The notice was also placed on the District and all school websites and provided to the local media. Pick up is running smoothly.
Road closures throughout the district may cause issues during after school pick up today and parents are advised to check on possible redirecting of traffic by following web site notices and the local media. At this time parts of Dune Palm are closed which will affect La Quinta High School, John Glenn Middle School, and Amelia Earhart Elementary. 
Notice of school opening or closure for tomorrowSeptember 9, will be released in the same fashion and will be sent out once determination is made regarding the power situation at the school.
Additional updates will be sent out shortly.

9:50 AM Important Update for Parents of Adams Elementary School:

Adams Elementary School will be evacuated this morning due to water intrusion into utility rooms causing power to be temporarily shut off. Students will be transported by school bus to the District Office Education Center at 47-950 Dune Palms Road in La Quinta, where they will be supervised in the Community Building until parents can make arrangements to pick them up.

STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO START ARRIVING AT THE DEC AT 10:30 AM. Only adults who are listed on the emergency card will be able to pick up a student. The phone lines at Adams are down at this time. Please call the District Office at 760-771-8500 if you have any questions.

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