Dear Students and Parents:

As Principal of Horizon School, it is my pleasure to present our handbook to the students and parents interested in attending our Alternative Education School .  The information in this web site has been compiled to give a ready reference to answer questions that may arise during the course of the school year.

I want to welcome all students and parents to Horizon School .  Horizon School , actually, is made up of several Alternative Education methods:

öIndependent Study

öHome Independent Study


Students in the Opportunity class have the chance to improve their math and reading abilities so they may return to the comprehensive schools.  It is their chance to get back on track.  Independent Study and Home Independent Study students need to have a great deal of self-discipline to be able to complete all their course work at home.  Our teachers will work as partners, in this effort, to help and encourage each student.  They will also keep in close contact with parents to ensure the cooperation continues.

Parents, you play a vital role in the education process.  Please be aware of the progress your student is making.  When parents are involved and concerned about their student's education, the child will usually make better progress.  Don't wait for teachers to contact you.  If you have a concern or would like information, the best policy is to call.  Monitor the time your student spends on the assignments.  Ask them to show you their weekly assignment sheet and the work they have completed.  Remember we only accept completed assignments.

I have an open door policy to parents and students if questions or concerns arise.


Ms. Cara Prentiss