Welcome to Horizon School!

Principal’s Message: Horizon School is part of a greater alternative educational center. We share a campus with Summit High School (high school students from ages 16-18), Opportunity school for 7th and 8Th graders, Opportunity school for 10th graders and portions of the district’s Special Education program. Horizon School offers educational opportunities through an independents studies program and a home school program which is available for grades K-12. Families opt to attend Horizon School for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the traditional comprehensive schools simply may not be a solid fit for their particular educational needs.Because we offer A-G courses, students can easily make the transition for Horizon School to traditional colleges and universities. The educational programs are rigorous and relevant in order to meet California state standards and to prepare the students to be college and career ready. Our school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Our teachers and staff are incredibly dedicated to providing excellent educational experiences for the students. The programs include traditional classrooms, flexible learning, distance learning and blended learning. Students in Horizon’s independent or home school program will typically meet individually with both a lead teacher and support teachers. These meetings are standing weekly appointments. The teachers in Horizon are uniquely qualified to work with students who choose Horizon as their home school. We are committed to providing the finest educational opportunities for our students and families. Our highly qualified and talented staff makes this possible.

Several studies point out the strongest predictor of student success is the quality of their teachers. With Horizon School we must take the village approach in raising a child. Active participation from parents, educators, community members and business partnerships will help ensure we develop highly successful students. While there are structured opportunities to develop these relationships with all stakeholders, we encourage you to get involved with the school. If you are interested in volunteering or looking for ways to make positive contributions to the school, please be encouraged to step forward.

I look forward to serving our students and families. Our students deserve the finest education possible. We have a beautiful facility, an amazing staff and fantastic students. Horizon is a place where every child can thrive. If you have questions or comments regarding our program or your student, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of our staff, welcome to Horizon School. This promises to be a great year for all.


Rudy Wilson, Principal