Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School opened in the fall of 2005. Matt Bugg left his successful post at La Quinta High School to come open Ben Franklin. He wanted to try his hand with a younger set of students, but old habits die hard- that's why Franklin boasts football, cheerleading, music and other specialized programs, clubs and activities.

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The school has been successful with the standardized testing as required by the state of California. While the desired overall score is set at 800 by the state, Franklin has a score of over 800.

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We have always thought there was something special about our school and the state of California agreed and recognized Ben Franklin with the 2010 California Distinguished Schools Award. Our school has steadily raised its academic scores and has an API of over 850. The IB (International Baccalaureate Programme) has also helped influence the school's teaching approaches and builds character in students as well.  It certainly helps that we have an amazing teaching staff and many opportunities for students to learn and grow.

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It took over four years of very hard work (we literally started this from the first day the school opened), but Benjamin Franklin is now officially authorized as an IB World School.  This represents literally hours and hours of work by our teachers in receiving training, writing, and implementing the IB Programme.  We hope the school community will continue to support the rigor of the program and its efforts in promoting essential character traits in our students.  

In 2010 Mr. Bugg retired after a long and prestigious career in education.  Ms. May-Vollmar, Franklin's 2nd principal is a strong supporter of the IB programme and  continues to lead the school toward new heights of excellence!

In the Spring of 2011 this excellence was once again recognized by the state of California.  Franklin Elementary was awarded the Title 1 Academic Achievement Award and was named by the California Business for Education Excellence as a STAR School. 


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